Wagner Wood Works!

For over 20 years Wagner Wood has been forging their success working with Wood. For many years the Wagner family ran Wagner Farms, a small dairy farm located in Amherst, MA, while farming Hank and Buzz Wagner learned what it meant to working off the land, its only what you give back that allows you to take in the future. With dropping Milk prices the two brothers headed into to the woods in search of a more reliable living and its where they have stayed for over twenty years. There is a certain respect and care that every reliable and competent Woodsmen must follow, and at Wagner Wood that respect and care extends far beyond the deep, dark, woods. Its found in our staff, our products and Our services.

"Wagner Wood has a hands on approach when it comes to problem solving and the experience to meet the needs of the most demanding projects. They have high expectations on the products they produce, and the mulch produced at their Amherst Facility is hands down, the best in the Northeast!" -- Jack Henderson-Adams of Western Earthworks

(413) 253-5194

305 Northeast St.
Amherst, MA 01002

We are licensed and OSHA-certified. Our staff belongs to the local 98 union.